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This calculator will give you an indication of the CIL charge payable on a chargeable development, given the parameters you supply. The calculator is based on the formula set out in Schedule 1 of the CIL Regulations 2010 (as amended, 2019), and the CIL rates set by the council.

It is not intended as a final representation of your total liability, and does not constitute legal advice. You should not rely on the calculator when making decisions which depend on the CIL charge amount. Formal determination of the CIL liability will be made by the council when a Liability Notice is issued after a CIL liable application is approved.

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Instructions and further info

Set a Decision Date and any applicable Site Demolition, then click 'Add Use' to begin your CIL Calculation. Below this table is a Site Totals overview along with an optional Breakdown which explains the calculator's output in detail.

If the development is not eligible for social housing relief, there are other reliefs and exemptions that may apply.

In addition to social housing relief for affordable housing provision, a development may be eligible for relief or exemption from the CIL charge where it involves:
- Development where the owner of a material interest in the relevant land is a charitable institution and the development will be used wholly (or mainly) for charitable purposes;
- A self build annex or extension, or
- A self build dwelling.
Relief must be claimed by submitting the relevant relief claim form prior to the commencement of the development. Further information on relief can be found below.

Bath and North East Somerset Council do not have a policy for granting discretionary charitable relief or exceptional circumstances relief and will not accept claims made on this basis.

Further information on relief and exemption from CIL can be found on the National Planning Practice Guidance website at